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Project Description
This is a tool that monitors folders and that converts then to the desired format.

Feel free to contribute

This proyect that automates monitoring and converting video files.

This project has a 'client - server' model which I have named 'monitor - conversor'. Both can be deployed in the same machine or in different machines if configuration files are setup correctly.

Actually, it is fully functional, but manual initial configuration is required. That is the reason it will be beta until linux and windows configuration tools are added to the proyect. That equired initial configuration is manual editing of the '.exe.config' files. That can be achieved using any text editor.

Tested platform:
- consoleMonitor: Linux and Windows (XP 32 bits)
- consoleConversor: Windows (XP 32 bits and 7 64 bits)
- serviceConversor: Windows XP 32 bits
- serviceMonitor: Windows XP 32 bits

TO-DO list:
- Create linux installer for both consoleMonitor.exe and consoleConversor.exe I should create /etc/init.d/ service scripts.
- Windows instaler is not very usefull. Actually prompts for credential without advising what those credentials are used for.
- Create linux/windows .exe.config editor

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